Ashmedai: Queen of Lust

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Tasked by the Creator to bring control to the hentai game Lands of Lust, Ashmedai must assemble a powerful party to overcome the voluptuous obstacles that will get in her way. Take control of Ashmedai as she fights through Hell to be acknowledged as the Queen of Lust!

Ashmedai will meet up with a colorful collection of curvy cuties to assist her during the mission. But not all of the appealing characters are there for combat. Gamble away your hard earned money with the delightful Rosmerta, buy basic goods from an adored merchant or buy CG images from other beauties. Maybe convince a few of them to have sex, but don’t expect it to be easy. You may need to accomplish an objective first, or perhaps buy them a nice gift.

During combat you will need to gauge enemy health based on the visual damage states they have. Fully clothed means they are mostly untouched, completely naked means they are nearly gone. You could say your goal is to knock their clothes off! (Disclaimer: Not all characters start fully clothed. You are in the Lands of Lust after all!)

Ashmedai is quirky, direct and insatiable. She claims to have all the dark desires of humanity and demonkin within her, but often comes across as a in-experienced college girl. Is she really ready to be the Queen?

Game Features:
10 potential party members (5 active at one time)
More than 30 unique enemies with visual damage states
Shop, recover and gamble with your Lairmates (and maybe have a bit of fun)
Collect dozens of items, weapons and armor
3 Difficult post-game bosses to challenge your max level party

Gallery contains 352 Images
136 Unlocked via the main story
80 Unlocked via side missions, Lairmate dialogs and romances
24 Unlocked via beating the 3 post-game bosses
112 Can be purchased from merchants in game

All characters are 18 years or older.


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