Sweet and Erotic Milk Shop with My Sister-in-law!

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The main character runs a coffee shop with his older brother. His brother gets married to a girl, Sayaka, and they live together. But one day, his brother suddenly passes away…. He decides to take care of Sayaka, who is now pregnant, until she gives birth. After she successfully gives birth a baby, he visits a shrine to pay homage. But he accidentally breaks a shrine building. Now that he is cursed by an evil spirit, he can drink only mother’s milk. Sayaka knows it and offers her milk to him. Also, she helps him get rid of a curse, which will be done by ejaculating.’

Title: Onee-san to Amaero Milk Kissa ~Shibotte Nonde Ippai Nakadashi Shite ne~
Original Title: おねえさんと甘エロミルク喫茶~搾って飲んでいっぱい中出ししてね♪~
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
Year: Japan 2009-06-26, English Patch 2019-06-02
Developer: Norn
Publishers: Norn
Language: English
Voice: Japanese
Translation: popo867


Sweet and Erotic Milk Shop with My Sister-in-law! Download

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2 years ago

need more Miel/Norn vn to be translated esp the hardcore one XD

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