Virgin Invader

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In Virgin Invader the player plays a hentai demon that is out to conquer Virgin land. A hero tried to stop the demon but ended up being possessed by it. The player now controls the former hero and to regain your demon powers you need to have sex with the girls (i.e. rape them). Conquering Virgin land wont be easy, the player will meet resistance from farmer girls, warriors, magical girls, nuns and more. At the end of each level there is a boss fight. After the boss fight a new ability is gained, making the demon even stronger. Demonic powers can be used for power attacks. If the player carries a crystal the demon can use his powers to call forth other monsters to rape the girls. Picking up panties will increase the players attack power for a while and picking up bras will restore some health. Version 1.1 also features an arena mode where 20 battles can be fought.


Published by MenZ Studio
Developed by MenZ Studio
Released Sep 14, 2015
Official Site Virgin Invader
Platform Windows



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