We Love Master Goshujin-sama Da~isuki

We Love Master Goshujin-sama Da~isuki

Toshiya is a descendant of a rich family. There is a tradition of his family – the heir must find his wife and marry within two years after receipt of the inheritance. And Toshiya has only a few months left.
Toshiya is smart and handsome, but he is in fact a pervert, so he wants his wife to meet his sexual demands. Toshiya decided to choose and raise his future wife by himself, and he with his personal maid Ema found 3 suitable candidates – Sakura, Kuu, and Hime. Their families had various financial problems, and he paid off their debts and hired the girls as his maids, without telling them his true purpose…


Title Goshujin-sama Da~isuki
Original title ご主人様だ~いすき
Aliases ご主人様だーいすき
Length Medium (10 – 30 hours)
Developer Score
Publishers Nexton & Score





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